Tuesday, January 11, 2011

E-commerce and MacPOS

MacPOS Professional now integrates with X-Cart shopping cart software. Update online stock quantities from within MacPOS. Import online orders into MacPOS to process orders or record item sales.

MacPOS Pro and XCart work together to track your inventory. Make price changes, description updates and stock quantity updates to your online shopping cart inventory database.

We will assist you in setting up your online store and getting it working with MacPOS or you can roll your own solution.

Give us a call or send an email and we can get started in providing you with the solution to integrate your retail POS and online sales.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New features in v2011

Below is a list of some of the new features in MacPOS

Update to v2011 in our online store and get free updates of MacPOS software throughout 2011

MacPOS Standard $59 Update

MacPOS Professional $79 Update

  • Improved customer loyalty functions
  • Points/Reward functionality
  • Improved customer credits payment handling
  • Integration to XCart online e-commerce store
  • Time clock software to track employee time
  • New sales transaction reports
  • Faster sales transaction reporting by a specific date range
  • Instant sales reporting for a past date
  • Much faster Post and print operation
  • Automatic session control by day
  • Faster network database access
  • Daily sales view by hour
  • Separate database list windows for contacts and items
  • New customer lookup and start a sale
  • Improved Physical inventory count and update stock
  • Improved importing
  • Copy line items on an order
  • Paste items on an order
  • Multiple item selection for deletion on orders
  • Custom label sizes
  • Faster screen updating of database window
  • Improved handling of clerk log on using magnetic cards
  • Swipe a card and start a sale for a clerk
  • Submit credit card transactions for Pre-authorizations
  • Gift Cards support for First Data merchant processor
  • Split orders
  • Combine orders
  • Many new TouchKey features
  • Enhanced onscreen virtual keyboard
  • New toolbar icons for larger resolution monitors
  • Audit logging to system.log when changing sensitive information
  • Improved Security features
  • FTP upload to remote server of day end reporting
  • FTP download product pricing and stock levels
  • Database access to URLs, web archives, PDF, PNG or any QuickTime compatible file
  • Item component updating when master item is sold
  • Display choices for an item after selection in the TouchPad
  • Improved layout editor features
  • Fast pay and check out TouchKeys
  • New transparent backdrop window causes data input windows to standout
  • Price, stock level, discounts changes made are written to system.log