Liability Shift for fraudulent credit cards

Today marks the start of the switch of the liability for fraudulent credit card transactions to the merchant accepting the card.

Some businesses are panicked and falling victim to the many companies offering merchant processing solutions for EMV causing them to think about switching.

The first question you must ask yourself, how many fraudulent transactions have you processed in the last year?  If you're using Mercury Payments, I can bet it's none.  The reason is the technology employed in the card readers that detects real cards from the fraudulent ones.

You must consider that while processing credit cards with Mercury, the card readers employ 3DES encryption and it would require a supercomputer running thousands of years to crack it to obtain the card information.

We are working with Mercury to certify MacPOS on their EMV platform for Point of Sale apps. This service comes online in January 2016 and will include ApplePay and the many other forms of electronic payments.

Credit cards with a magnetic strip will be used for many years to come and EMV will become the main-stay of processing then but it will be years before that happens.

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