MacPOS and OS X 10.11

MacPOS v2013 - 2016 is compatible with OS X 10.7 thru 10.11 El Capitan.

We have found only one feature that does not work and that is the Print to eMail receipt function.  You can still email a PDF from the Print dialog, but our AppleScript function to keep Mail app in the background while performing this function is failing.  A fix will be available soon.

We recommend that you wait to upgrade your Mac to El Capitan, not because of any issues with MacPOS but it is always a good idea to wait for 10.11.1 on production Macs.  One example is a favorite utility app MenuMeters that shows network, memory and cpu resources in the menu bar no longer functions.  Another screen recording app, Snapz Pro X had to be updated to work in OS X 10.11.

Overall,  El Capitan is a solid update.

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