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v2012 Upgrade

MacPOS Upgrade to v2012 This upgrade is available to all users. Pricing is tiered based on the version you currently are using.               Purchase Std                   Purchase Pro New features in v2012 Up to 30x faster processing Integration to XCart online e-commerce Integrated credit card authorization software for Mercury Payments Time clock function New sales transaction reports Faster sales transaction reporting by a specific date range Instant sales reporting for a past date Much faster Post and print operation Automatic session control by day Faster network database access Daily sales view by hour Database list window for contacts and items New customer lookup and start a sale Improved Physical inventory count  Improved Importing Copy line items on an order Paste items on an order Multiple item selection for deletion on orders Custom label sizes Swipe a card and start a sale for a clerk Submit credit card transactions for Pre-authoriza

MacPOS Café Trial

An updated trial of MacPOS Café has been posted. This version is compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and Intel Macs. If you need a PPC version please contact us. Download the  MacPOS Café  trial and take it for a test drive. We are sure you will like the new changes and significantly improved speed.

PowerPC support added

After receiving several requests for a PowerPC version of MacPOS v2012, we decided to add it back to our product offerings. So those of you still using MacPOSX on PowerPC, still clutching to those G4s and G5s, this will give your Mac a few more years before you need to buy a new one.