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MacPOS Lite Bundle

Here is the perfect solution to replacing that cash register and putting your Mac at the point-of-sale in your business. In the bundle, you get MacPOS Lite software, Star TSP143 receipt printer and a quality MS cash drawer for less than our competitor's software alone. $ 499 plus shipping Purchase here


MacPOS Lite i s the perfect answer to automating your point-of-sale management and replacing that old cash register.  The following features found in the Pro and Standard versions are not available in the Lite : Bar code label printing -  Security Features -  Credit and Gift card authorization -  Time Clock -  Layout Editor -  Item Component and Choice selections -  Automatic Price Updating Compare MacPOS Lite to the other versions. Update to any other version of MacPOS easily and quickly to gain all of the features you need for point-of-sale order management.

MacPOS Cafe single user

  MacPOS Café is now available in a single user version priced at $499, slashing the price by $100. Each additional POS station requires a client license priced at $99.