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macOS 10.12 Issues

**** UPDATE Dec 14   macOS 10.12.2 fixes this bug for older versions of MacPOS DO NOT upgrade to MacOS Sierra 10.12  We recommend that you DO NOT update your Mac to Apple's latest OS update macOS 10.12. We have identified an issue with the OS where it is crashing when performing a longstanding Font Panel access function.  This issue did not surface during our testing with pre-release versions of macOS 10.12 Apple introduced  this bug in the GM release of OS Sierra.  This bug affects MacPOS's layout editor when accessing the FontPanel and as a result of the bug, MacPOS crashes. Apple is aware of this bug and confirmed our bug submission is a duplicate and known issue. We hope they fix it soon. More testing is needed with compatibility with touchscreen monitors from ELO as well. If you have installed macOS Sierra and are encountering an issue with MacPOS software, please contact us for a temporary work around.  Unfortunately this work around affects our layout