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Future of MacPOS

*Update  March 12, 2022 We are working on a POS replacement for MacPOS that runs under 64bit macOS.   It might take another 6 months to get to a public release and there are few customers working with early beta versions to ensure it works with existing MacPOS databases.  This new version will be integrated with our Cloud platform mentioned below. - - - - -  The current v2021 MacPOS will not be updated to run on the 64bit macOS versions which include 10.15 and above. COVID was a nail in it's coffin and the development stopped on the new version.  We lost team members that were no longer able to work with us remotely and many of our customers had to close their doors permanently. The marketplace for a POS system built upon a desktop computer, ie... a Mac, these days is very small as compared to recent years.  Everyone wants a system they can use on their iPhone or iPads along with their Mac.  We are putting all of our concentration on our cloud platform, which supports a