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Encrypted vs. Clear Text Mag Readers

The discussion about the prevalent use of clear text mag card readers for credit cards came up recently with one of our customers. We talked about how their Mac could be used as a credit card skimmer by unscrupulous employees or a trojan key-logger that would record every keystroke entered into the Mac. If you are still using them with your credit card processing application, you need to seriously consider upgrading to a processor which uses a secure solution. Let us show you why. Using a clear text card reader like the  EasyMag card reader  attached to your Mac via a USB cable, it is very easy to skim a credit card.  The information could then be sent to anyone, anywhere via an email or web browser.  It uses the keyboard interface to your Mac to pass the card information.  It is as though you typed the information in.  The computer or MacPOS does not know the difference. If you have one of these types of readers and have not discovered the serious security issue, follow