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MacPOS 64bit

The update to 64bit MacPOS is a major rewrite and started from the ground up back in 2018.   Things were going well in late 2019 for a release sometime in 2020.  You all know what happened. We have designed it from the beginning to integrate with our cloud platform and not something added later.  MacPOS can also be used without the cloud integration. You can see parts of the new interface in the screenshot below. The ' Shopping Cart ' window is the main hub of MacPOS, with quick access to your products and customer information.  Much of this is subject to change as we refine the interface. We value input from our existing customers on the features that they would like to see in the new version and any help in the beta testing would be appreciated. Designed to run on macOS 10.14 and on the current 64bit macOS 12 Monterrey.  The Favorites window provides fast access to popular products that you can add with a click. Fast and Easy Reporting One-click integration with A