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Resellers for MacPOS Wanted

M acPOS Solutions is looking for qualified point-of-sale resellers and consultants to promote and sell our software solutions in their region. Sales are booming and the demand to keep up with interested customers is overwhelming our sales staff. We can provide your business with qualified leads for point-of-sale solutions. Please contact us at for more information.

Customer Install Map

We created a World map of recent installations of our registered user's locations for MacPOS Pro and Standard versions. The locations shown are approximate and do not indicate the exact location of our customers to protect their privacy. Click the Map to view World Map View Full Screen

OS X 10.9 Mavericks Ready

MacPOS  v2013 is ready for OS X 10.9 Mavericks . MacPOS v2013 is compatible with the following OS X versions 10.5.8 10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9  Click the image below to view in full size.

Software Subscriptions

MacPOS   SaaS We are now offering all versions of MacPOS as an  SaaS  -   S oftware a s a S ubscription. Get up and running with MacPOS Pro for two Macs for $49 a month. Add more Macs as needed for $10 each per month. MacPOS CafĂ© - $49 a month Standard - $29 a month Express - $19 a month You will receive the latest updates of MacPOS and priority support during your subscription. Get it now in our online store.

PiOS Product Line

The iPad, iPhone and iPod products that integrate with MacPOS will embolden the name PiOS for P oint-of-Sale for iOS . The current product line is in final development and soon to be available on the App store after Apple's blessings and review. PayAtTable - take credit card payments for MacPOS tickets at the customer's table using your iPod or iPhone LookUp - look up items in the MacPOS database and see the price and current stock levels for them. Orders - create orders on your iPad mini using the MacPOS TouchPad interface. Scan items with a bluetooth bar code scanners and them to a customer's ticket as you interact with your customer. Read more about the features of MacPiOS which integrates the iPad and your Mac for ticket handling.

MacPiOS Lookup

MacPiOS Lookup is an iPod/iPhone app designed to integrate with MacPOS v2013 and provides price and stock lookup of items in the database.  A feature in MacPOS will enable you to update stock quantities from scanned items during a physical inventory or add the item to a Purchase Order. Shown below are screenshots from Lookup running on an iPod. The Clerk Logs on and authenticates with MacPOS. The Clerk ID must exist in the MacPOS employee database to continue. Enter the Item ID or scan with a bluetooth bar code scanner of the product to lookup and MacPOS will return the price, cost and current stock level. The cost can be displayed to managers or those employees with privileges to see sensitive data. If the product has a URL in the MacPOS database you can open and display it to view more product information.  This enables product linking directly to your online store or any desired URL.

New online store

We have finished installing X-Cart eCommerce software which now runs our online store at We also have a demo store of X-Cart located which will be setup to work with a MacPOS Pro demo to highlight interoperation between them. Feel free to visit the new store :  and get MacPOS while it is on sale!

v2013 Posted

Happy New Year MacPOS v2013 is available for purchase and updates are ready for download. New PDF manuals and online help  that can be quickly accessed from the MacPOS Help menu and your Download page. We have many new features that are coming to MacPOS in 2013 so check back often and see what's new at MacPOS Solutions.