macOS 10.12 Issues

**** UPDATE Dec 14   macOS 10.12.2 fixes this bug for older versions of MacPOS

DO NOT upgrade to MacOS Sierra 10.12 

We recommend that you DO NOT update your Mac to Apple's latest OS update macOS 10.12.

We have identified an issue with the OS where it is crashing when performing a longstanding Font Panel access function.  This issue did not surface during our testing with pre-release versions of macOS 10.12

Apple introduced  this bug in the GM release of OS Sierra.  This bug affects MacPOS's layout editor when accessing the FontPanel and as a result of the bug, MacPOS crashes.

Apple is aware of this bug and confirmed our bug submission is a duplicate and known issue.

We hope they fix it soon.

More testing is needed with compatibility with touchscreen monitors from ELO as well.

If you have installed macOS Sierra and are encountering an issue with MacPOS software, please contact us for a temporary work around.  Unfortunately this work around affects our layout editor features.

Programs not compatible with macOS 10.12

3D Coat
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (crashes on launch)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 (must reinstall Java 6, opens and functions, crashes on Save As...)
Adobe Illustrator CS6 (installer error, if update from prior OS, make work after reinstall Java 6)
Adobe InDesign CC (installs, but has some rendering issues when dragging objects)
Adobe Photoshop CS5 (crashes on close)
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (installer error, make work if update from prior OS)
AVG AntiVirus (doesn't open)
AVG Cleaner (crashes at launch)
BOX Sync (brings up Console, floods with errors, doesn't work at all)
BusyCal (crashes at launch)
Canon EOS Utility 2.14.20 - program starts but does not connect to Camera anymore. No more photo import or camera remote control. Essential functions disabled therefore.
Carbon Copy Cloner 4.19 (installs and opens for use but does not actually backup)
CCleaner (does not open)
Cleanup SMB mess (icon has slash through it, Sierra throws error when launching)
Contacts (Apple's Application) Crashes FOR SOME at launch
Disk Warrior (launches and works for a while but crashes in the end before replacing the rebuilt directory)
EazyDraw 7 (crashes at launch)
ESET Cyber Security Pro (not working when copied with Migration Ass., can't clean install)
EtreCheck (crashes during scan)
Final Draft 9 (crashes at launch) (Update to 9.0.9 fixes problems)
Freemacsoft LiteIcon 3.6.3 (Error message at launch even when SIP is disabled)
Greek Radio (icon has slash through it, Sierra throws error when launching)
GPGTools (not working with Sierra yet, they are working on it at @
GPSPhotoLinker (with 10.10 and 10.11 it required manual install of Perl 5.10 and deactivation of System Integrity Protection (csrutil) but now stopped working at all with 10.12 (
GutenPrint (current version does not work and is disabled by the macOS installer)
Identify 551 (developer has announced that he has ceased development on this program, as well)
Karabiner (needs major changes, not coming anytime soon)
Little Snitch 3.6.3 (see nightly build instead
Maintenance (crashes at launch)
Movist (crashes after some minutes)
Online Bible 4.2.1 (crashes with Internal Error due to undocumented function in Sierra GM)
Patterns (regex app from the MAS - marked as incompatible)
Pulse Secure 5.2r2 (backend dsAccessService seg faults when run)
Pyware versions 8.0.0, 7, 6, and lower (due to Apple's MRJ Java--not able to be installed on 10.12)
Quicken Essentials for Mac 1.7.4 (icon has slash through it, Sierra throws error when launching)
RapidWeaver 7 (Opens projects and appears to work but crashes when previewing Site) - Working after update to 7.0.4
Razer Synapse 2.0. (Loads but can't detect device(s))
Safari Technology Preview 9.1.2
Seil (needs major changes, not coming anytime soon)
SIMBL (SafariStand etc.)
Splashtop Streamer (installer will crash on fresh installs, but will stream if previously installed on El Cap then updated to Sierra)
SyncTwoFolders 2.19 (Crashes after selecting destination or target folder)
Yosemite Disk Utility patched to run on El Capitan (crashes at launch)
Microsoft OneDrive (Crashes at Launch) -- works for me -- works as of PB4
Western Digital Disk Tools (Complains about needing to be launched from Applications folder)
WhatsApp Desktop (always recommends moving to Application folder when it is already there, and will lose login details prompting QR scans every time OS restarts) -- ChitChat works for me
WriteRoom 2.5.1 (marked as incompatible)
ZenMate (makes initial VPN connection then disconnects)

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