macOS 10.14 Mojave

The latest version of the MacOS, Mojave 10.14 has been released.

Our testing has not turned up any incompatibilties with MacPOS and Mojave.

However, we recommend that you don't update your Macs running MacPOS or any file servers/sharing Mac to the latest macOS.  There are no outstanding benefits of Mojave necessitating upgrading at this time.

If you do want to update, we recommend that you create a TimeMachine backup first.  Then should you decide to update and find that other software on your Mac may be affected by the update, you can reinstall to your backup.

First Impressions

Our initial use of Mojave after installation was very problematic.  Several apps would launch but the spinning cursor would appear for minutes at a time.  Icons on the Desktop were missing and some apps would not even open.

We recall issues like this in previous macOS updates and the problems that were caused by SpotLight as it was actively indexing the drive.  So we waited for an hour and rebooted our test Macs and suddenly, everything started working.  This left us scratching our heads.

Don't be a beta tester with a production Mac running your point-of-sale system and wait until the next point release of Mojave or you find a need to upgrade to it.

We have not tested the drivers for ELO touchscreen with the final release and recommend waiting to confirm that there are no issues.

MacPOS does not support the DarkMode in Mojave.

Mojave further restricts the ability of applications to communicate with each other using AppleEvents and AppleScripts.  This may affect some users who are integrating MacPOS with 3rd party apps and Automator scripts.

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